Digital publishing prices

Here to help you succeed.

Here to help you succeed.

Our pricing model is simple: you pay for the number of apps you want and the level of support you need, but all features come as standard – absolutely no hidden extras.




Monthly fee $499 $2,999 $4,999
Number of apps 1 1-20 Unlimited
Free downloads per month 1,000 10,000 25,000
Each additional download $0.20 $0.15 $0.10
Software updates and patches
Support for InDesign 5.5, 6, CC
PDF digital replica
Enhanced PDF replica
Fully interactive
Instant preview
Customisable issue user interface
Built-in animations
Advanced behaviours
Page view conditions
Parallax scrolling
Single or dual orientation
360-degree spins
Image sequences
Scratch and wipe effects
Pan and zoom
3D carousels
Local or streaming movies
XML feed support
Interactive tables
Particle effects
Accelerometer support
Sound effects
Custom HTML embedding
Barcode and QR code scanning
Text-only reader
Dynamic storefront
Smart Push
Instant pricing
Campaign tracking
Free subscription trials
Multiple default content
Delayed entitlement
Subscription sweeteners
Rate this app
Social media integration
Email data capture
Converser inbox
In-issue purchasing
Dynamic user tagging
Hidden subscriptions
Customisable upgrade messages
Secure server hosting
AES PDF encryption
Apple App Store
Google Play
Facebook OpenGraph
iBeacon support
Timed issue release
Fully searchable issues
Background issue delivery
Per-device downloads
On-demand app building
Enterprise apps
SDK for iOS and Android
Open file format
FF360 Analytics
Buy once, read anywhere
ComScore, Flurry, Omniture, Google Analytics
Print subscriptions
iAd support
Apple Newsstand
Priority service-level agreement
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